“Dead Inside

​”Dead Inside”

The cigarette pack provides a warning boldly highlighted with a yellow rectangle and following text saying, “WARNING: SMOKING KILLS”. Like all the other people who can’t get out of this deadly yet extremely pleasant vice, I simply ignore and shrug my shoulders. Who cares? When you said those words to me anyway, I’ve been dead inside. Might as well enjoy being so. 


“It’s Not The Same Without You”

“It’s Not The Same Without You”



I was having a terrible day at work. Went off to light a few sticks to puff and feel a little better.. even a little bit better. You suddenly appeared out of nowhere that dim summer night. You asked for a lighter, I happily handed it over. Then everything else in-between happened. You and I became “us”. And after all the good times came the bad. We are no longer together.

Every now and then, after puffing the bitter nicotine that I’m accustomed to, I think about you. I’m alone. Even with company, I feel alone. Simply because, it’s not the same without you.


All that Drama

Daily Post Prompt: Dramatic

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All That Drama

What? How? When? Where? Why?
These five questions, when asked, and when answered with the total opposite of what the person asking wants to hear produces – drama. Humans have a long history of a love and hate relationship with drama. We love drama when our life suddenly feels stale, boring, and repetitive. Yet, amusingly, we hate drama when it becomes too much for us to handle.

Everyone definitely deserves to be overly dramatic sometimes. We must not equate dramatic as a negative state of feeling. I love being dramatic when I come to know my friends reconcile, when I hear someone is about to get married, when I smell my favorite freshly-baked pizza taken out from the oven, when I see the small baby from the ultrasound image or when I feel the tender touch of my lover. Let the state of being dramatic have a moment of appreciation.

Going to the other side of the court, when there is drama, then definitely there’s conflict. Conflict is everywhere. TV news, radio talk shows, school, work, relationships, and ironically, when you look at yourself in the mirror, there’s conflict within you! It is tiring at times to deal with all the drama. But let’s not forget that when there’s conflict, there’s also resolve and growth. We might not know immediately if it is for the good of worse, but it is certain that all that drama we’ve gone through has molded us to the individual we are right now. Reward yourself a much needed rest .. from all that drama. Smile.


“Leave My Mind Alone”


“Leave My Mind Alone”
– Kristoffe


Stop intruding my mind with your memories,
I don’t want to remember anything, please.
Your scent, your smile, even your silhouette
When I remember, I am full of regret.

The heavy intangible weight of my burden
Falls violently upon my weak, frail shoulders.
You suddenly rang my phone at ten
Then, you sang my favorite song’s verse.

Your decision, must it be reminded always?
We both agreed, and the resolve – we must part ways.
Leave my mind, leave me alone.
I have accepted, you’re gone.



I’ll Stop Chasing After You

Stories that you have sincerely shared to me. For that I am always grateful.

DSC02576 copy

“I’ll Stop Chasing After You”


Not looking at me seems to be your skill,
While all I ever did was to fancy you.
When you walk ahead of me, you never look back.
I gain pace and pass by you,
And now you look back.. to your past.

I tried to be in harmony with you,
I slowed down to be in the same pace you are moving,
I gazed at you.
And you turned your head the other way.

It is now evident.
I can no longer be with you.
I will never be with you.
For you always chose to look elsewhere.

I’ll stop chasing after you.
I’ll stop wanting you.
I’ll start anew.
But I’ll always love you.